Traditions at Newton's Landing

Snow and Sleet Challenges Us

It snowed

Thirteen inches

Poor birds!

Not a day to barbecue

Riverton's here

Where are these women going?

Snow mountain

Cars could navigate the street

John Ciancio

... So did Walt Cincotta

Riverton truck with plow


Riverton digging them out

Marty and Dennis confer

Marty and a resident

Digging them out

Joyce Kloss

It's dominoes time!

Newton's Landing snowscape

Stuck, almost

Aren't you chilly, Neil?

Street iceberg

Out for a walk

Walking Miss Daisy

Not good!

The trash was picked up

Riverton blower on Pennington

25 Pennington Ct. wasn't done

47 Pennington was unplowed

Ahead, Riverton's backdragger

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