Traditions at Newton's Landing

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Gratefully, we welcome

They arrived in style

Here they come

The tables are set

Each table was named for ...

It's on the right

The baskets are ready

Lots of wine in them

Please support these folks

Our firefighters

A huge crowd!

50/50 drawing tickets for sale

A toast!

The government

What's so funny?

The Divas

The firefighters

A toast!

The firefighters' table

The guys

Tony De Lucia and Steve Napp

A relaxed table

Ken Harris

Peter's pointing at something

More divas

A few words

A few more words

Hearty applause

Time for the food

Dishing up

A toast!


Dessert close up

Let the lottery begin!

A winner!

Jack Hoefle's a winner, too!

The mayor wins

Marlene wins, too

Lots of winners!

Getting up

Folding up

An Partner.
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