Traditions at Newton's Landing

Hit again: almost 11 inches

Hit again!

It's mounded deep

About 10-3/4 inches

This weather's for the birds

Hello, little fellow!

The snow is mounded deep

This driveway's done

Our saviors!

Some of us didn't wait



Windshield wipers at attention

The Clubhouse

The Farmhouse

Riverton's landscaping trailer

... But you'd be wrong

What's with this

It seems to defeat the purpose

There's a method here

Until then, stay put!

... I hope

People were out on the road

Does anyone have a dogsled?

Trash was picked up

Some didn't get the message

Cold enough for bears!

Shelter for the birds

St. Joseph must be cold!

Don't sit down!

Some do it themselves

Some don't!

Not going anywhere soon

My driveway

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