Traditions at Newton's Landing

Spring Cleanup 2014

Signing in

Paul Zaun of Pennington Court

Pam Tidswell explains

Volunteers listen

Paul again

Chris Kloss of McCay Way

... his wife Joyce

Peter and Paul

The rules

Setting off

Paul picking up

Walt Cincotta of Russ Farm Way

Paul down by the creek

A girl volunteer by the creek

A family affair

The littlest trash collector

That's Joe Busler

Young volunteers from Florence

What the trash consists of

Pam shows a bird's nest

The county's "No Butts" poster

It includes a bumper sticker

A lighter momemt

A mother and two children

Lonely figures by the creek

Collected trash on the trail

At the Dumpster

Quite a few tires

... Speaking of trash

Peter heading back

The result: We can ...

Gulls overhead

And the view of this odd tree

An Partner.
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