Traditions at Newton's Landing

Labor Day Picnic 2014

It's Labor Day

The sun was out; the day, warm

Our DJ, Vicki Cusack

Catching up

Mario speaks

Kay Harron directs traffic

Tom's Back!

Time for dinner!

Kids love parties

Two kinds of pasta salad

Meryle's Caesar salad

ShopRite fried chicken

Franks and beans

Sausage and peppers

Sandy's delicious cornbread

The salad bar

Down to business!

A table of 10

Vicki revs up

... inspiring this woman & boy

Rebecca Groff, our lifeguard

Uh Oh!!!

Temporarily closed

Taking shelter

Until it blows over

Rain stops; we get wet again

"Follow my lead!"

Walt Cincotta and Joe Busler

Water dancing to "YMCA"

All fun must come to an end

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