Traditions at Newton's Landing


Swans on water

Autumn Walk

Two bird pictures


A solitary camel rider

Ecuadoran Dancers

Red Schoolhouse

Vincent Van Gone

In the Grove

A quilt

Laketide in Autumn

O Sunny Night

Want a Ride?

Copper Top Lighthouse

A barn on a fall day

A horse and carriage in winter

A painting of a flower

A doorway in Provence

A Patch Quilt

Ice skaters

Decorated Ukrainian Eggs

A wreath

A window with blue shutters

Hand-made purses and cards

Breakers hitting the rocks

Artistic Discussion


Three Prayer Shawls

More prayer shawls

Tilework frames and table

More tilework

... And still more

Arlene's Originals

More Arlene's Originals

A floral wreath

Residents chat

Ukranian eggs


In the Clubhouse Library

An Partner.
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