Traditions at Newton's Landing


The Arts & Crafts Show

Paintings line the Library

Books and paintings

"The Lick" by Esther Bliss

Tabletop art


"Cornfield with Flying Crows"

"La Dama"

Frank Klare introduces

Myron Halpern

Myron with Esther Bliss

"Lora and Polly"

Bob Ringenwald

"Countryside near Prague"

"Spring Blossoms"

Carol Ringenwald's painting ..

"Sunset on the Farm"

"Country Road"

Another Esther Bliss painting

"Allie's Mermaid"

Elegant Kleenex holders

... and purses

Original closet hiding places

A counted cross stitch cottage

... Two bunnies and a heart

Crocheted prayer shawls

Anybody know why?

There was, of course, food

Dabblings by Debbie


Fishes and framed

Time out!

In the crafts room


A peaceful scene

A tile tabletop


"Parrots," by Doris Allen

Crocheted afghans

A harp makes everything better

An Partner.
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