Traditions at Newton's Landing

NL Arts

The 2019 NL Arts & Crafts Show

Debbie & Steve Tanguay

Frank Klare

A receptive audience

The leader!

"Dabblings by Debbie"


See what I mean?

A lighthouse, baby!

For the bathroom?


An afghan

Another, with an orange piece

Purses, by Arlene Domenus

More purses

On to the paintings

"Parts in the Rain"


"By the Seaside"

Yet another one

"A Girl with her Horse,"

"Nascent Poppies"

"Lone Cactus"

"Our Home"

"Birdies on a Branch"

"Covered Bridge"


"Sand Dunes of Death Valley"


"Northern Lights Viewing Camp"

"Flowers in a Vase"

"Aerial Dancer"

Last, but hardly least:

An Partner.
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