Traditions at Newton's Landing

Summer Seafood Fest 2008

We gather at our tables

We need a few more chairs

There's a great band

They were a lot scarier

There were noodles

And parrots

Not as cute as Cosmo, though

We chat at our tables

Gus sips a soda

Appetizers tide us over

Time to get the real food

There's a shrimp appetizer

Kay and Meryle

There's plenty of food

And fried chicken

Liz, Marie and Madeline

Lining up

What else do I want?

Time to eat

Mikhail snaps a picture

Jerry and Theresa dance

Tom and Kay dance

Frank Klare and Anne Brocco

Meryle and Robert

Just the men

As the women cheer

Stan Basara dances

Jerry and Frank

Mario thanks everyone

The dessert's gone

Joanbeth cleans up

The wonderful evening's over

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