Traditions at Newton's Landing

Mediterranean Cruise

Ready to go

Betty, Dick, Carol & Bob

Judy & Richard Craft

A Lunch in Provence

Not in New Jersey anymore

Paul and Yvonne Johnson

Terry Dolan on the Riviera

Myron Halpern & Bob Ringenwald

The Casino at Monte Carlo


The Ringenwalds & Crafts lunch

Myron & Mira Halpern

Inside the Colosseum

Myra Sarubin in France

Mike & Marie DePadova

Mary Smith and Napoleon

About half the group in France

Mike and Marie in Corsica

Paul Johnson and camera

The Rock of Gibraltar

Near the peak

Barbary "Ape" & Marie DePadova

Casa Blanca, Morocco

Frank and Terry Dolan relaxing

Camels in Tangiers, Morocco

Carol visits the Kasbah

Flossie & Gene Levenson

Myra & Neil Sarubin

The whole group -- almost

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