Traditions at Newton's Landing

Farewell to 2009 Pool Season

Sunday, Sept. 13, the last day

Ed Hammond and his grandkids

Stan Suski reads

We sit, sun and talk

Say cheese!

The Social Committee?

Carl Taraschi and Matthew

Mike Hammond and guests

Sara Cyn swims laps

Mance Cyr with noodle

Carl Taraschi in the hot tub

Jane Condon and Susan Goldberg

Des Ferriols and Blaine Busler

Des in a towel

Blaine, Des and myself

Des and Blaine in the water

Arlene Taraschi in the hot tub

Rhona Newman with two noodles

Our lifeguard

Al Schmitt

Mike Hammond's guests

Sunning themselves by the spa

Lilli Hoefle

Marlene Jass arrives

Jack Hoefle & Mario Napolitano

Larry Giglio

And then it was over

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