Traditions at Newton's Landing

New Year's Eve Party 2009

It's New Year's Eve

Meryle, Gerry and Marie

On to dinner!

There was salad

Good antipasto



A roasted vegetable medley

Pork roast

Desserts, of course

More desserts

We dish up

Dinner's done!

We hit the dance floor

We have some good dancers

We had a DJ

We sat and talked

The First Couple

Smiling for the camera

Robert and Esther Bliss

Marilyn and Ken Harris dance

Tony & Liz DeLucia

Dante & Cori Ragasa

Bill and Mary Ruvo

Who's the lady in red?

Four couples

Herk Whalen and Rosey

Gerry waves

Meryle mugs

Who's that guy?


We rejoice

A final dance

Maureen DiPinto of Wolverton

But it's time to go

...and we head home

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