Traditions at Newton's Landing

St. Patrick's Day Party 2010

It was a dark and stormy night

There were shamrocks

Shamrock tablecloths

Silly hats all over

Maybe so!

Speaking of silly hats ...

There was an Irish feast

Boiled potatoes

Irish soda bread

And, of course:

... and cabbage

And there were desserts galore

Cakes with shamrocks

... and a chocolate cake

We dished up

Meryle even ate cabbage

Gerry with the DJ

President Marty

Joe Fassano had a birthday

Marie and Rosey

There were performers

And not-so-young dancers

Joyce Kloss and Daniel Siletti

This performer was great

Dansation's Jean VerHoeven

Does Jean have three legs?

Daniel and Jean

Irish folk instruments

Frank Dolan & Gerry Caulfield

And we all danced

An Partner.
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