Traditions at Newton's Landing

Handful of residents meet the candidates
Date:  7/9/2019

                                                                                                                                                                            Candidates for reelection to the HOA Board Ken Harris and Gwen Williams

By Joseph Busler

Seventeen of Newton’s Landing’s nearly 500 residents showed up for Meet the Candidates Night Tuesday to meet the candidates: Two incumbent trustees running unopposed for reelection.

Board Vice President Ken Harris and its Residents Relations Officer Gwen Williams both gave brief statements, then answered – or let Board President Mario Napolitano answer – a few questions from the audience.

The meeting was over in 35 minutes. All Newton’s Landing households will receive written candidates’ bios and statements as well as ballots in the mail in advance of the annual Homeowners Association Annual Meeting and Election on Tuesday, July 23, at 7 p.m. in the Clubhouse. Homeowners – that is, only residents whose name is on the deed – may vote either by mailing in the ballot or at the meeting.

Both Harris and Williams are running for full two-year terms. In July of 2020, the terms of the other three trustees, Napolitano, Vince Cipriano and Stan Suski, will be up.

Last night Napolitano, on the Board since 2004 and its longest-serving member ever, reiterated that he will not run again, which he first announced when elected to his eighth term last year.

Williams is completing her first term as a trustee, a voting member of the Board of trustees. In October of 2016, the Board had appointed her as a “member at large,” a Board-created appointive position and a key part of the Board’s succession plan. Members at large serve as non-voting Board members for a year and are expected to stand for election after that training year.

Harris was a serving as a member-at large last fall when he was appointed a voting trustee to fill the remaining months of Trustee Larry Anastasi, the Board president, who died in office.

Harris noted last night that he has twice served as a member-at-large. He is now running for election to a full, two-year term on the Board.

Williams, an educator, said she had enjoyed her work, first as a member-at-large and then as the Board’s Residents Relations Officer.

“I enjoy working with people and meeting new people,” she said. “I have done everything from helping pick our new management firm to picking up trash and passing out doggy bags.” (The doggy bags she was distribution aren’t the kind in which you put uneaten restaurant food.)

Harris said he and his wife have lived here for 11 years since they moved in on short notice relocating from Alabama, where he was working as a customer service manager, his career for 43 years.

“I have had two stints as a member at large and am now running for a full term,” he said.

During the question-and-answer period, Board members fielded questions about the recently trimmed London plane (sycamore) tree on Wolverton Place, the lifeguards’ half-hour work breaks, and an update to the Newton’s Landing phone directory. The tree needs a little more pruning and the phone directory will be updated, Napolitano said.

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