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Help lifeguard Erin in battle of the bands
Date:  9/12/2019

                                                                                                         Lifeguard Erin O'Brien

By Joseph Busler

Remember Erin O'Brien, our 16-year-old lifeguard during the recent pool season?

Erin attends Burlington City High School and is in the band there.

The Courier-Post is running a contest to see which band in South Jersey can get the most votes. You don't have to be a subscriber to vote, just go to this page on the Courier-Post's Web site, click on the bullet besides "Burlington City", scroll down and click on "Vote".

As of Thursday, Sept. 12, Burlington City High School was in third place in the county. Voting runs through Wednesday, Sept. 18.

Once the county leader is selected in each of Burlington, Camden, Cumberland and Gloucester counties, the newspaper will hold another contest to choose the most popular band.

The prize is that the winning band gets to take over the Courier-Post's Instagram account for one day. Here's the paper's semi-coherent account of the contest:

We're letting one band — the coolest, most energetic and talented band in the region

— take over the
Courier Post's Instagram account (@courierpost) for one night

— your school's homecoming or other big game. 

Show us what the game is like, from the band's point of view. 
From the pep rally, to pre-game rehearsal, halftime and the post-game cleanup. 

But, we're only handing over our sacred Instagram password to one worthy band in South Jersey.

The idea, apparently, is that the winning band will use the Courier-Post's Instagram account to show off its role in a major school event like a big game or homecoming. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is a photo- and video-sharing social networking service.

While anybody can have an Instagram account -- there are about a billion of them, or nearly one for every seven people on earth -- the Courier-Post account presumably reaches more eyeballs than yours or mine. The Courier-Post's current paid circulation is about 30,000 (down from 117,927 in 1985).

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